Saturday, December 1, 2007

Helpful hints: saving water in the shower

Ooo laa laa, it's shower time.

I apply a special practice to about 90% of the time I shower... actually, more like 75% of the time (as if I'm keeping track with a calculator on standby as I towel off each day)...

I've been doing this for probably the last 10-15 years... not the showering, I mean... well I mean the practice I'm about to describe... I mean, I've been showing longer than that... oh shut up, man!

In the morning (or whenever) I'm planning to shower, I turn the water ON, get in with the water running from my water-saving shower head, and proceed to get wet. Then I shampoo and rinse.

Then I shut the water OFF... yep, that's what I do... I won't deny it.

I then put in a very small amount of conditioner (being the conservationist that I am), and then turn to the next step, as I lather up with soap... actually as many as 3 different kinds of biodegradable soap.

There's absolutely no reason to have the water on during this portion of the shower -- as you'll simply detract from the lathering up and lufa work that you're trying to achieve... yes, we must "achieve" EXFOLIATION UTOPIA with the illustrious lufa every other day.

After you've lathered and scrubbed, then turn the water ON again to rinse... then promptly turn it OFF again when you're finished... and please make sure you're PROMPT, or the shower police will enforce your ass.

Some might say this takes away from the pleasure of a hot shower waking you up -- and even I will occasionally treat myself to that... but you will be amazed how much water this practice saves. you get cleaner anyway, because of more accurate and comprehensive soap lathering... so there you are, try it out!

...and don't screw it up, or you'll get an earful! S

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