Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Helpful hints: laundry... and how to make it an environmentally friendly experience!

I recently had someone suggest I do a post on laundry -- since I did one on showering -- so here it is...

...I figure since I've already broken into your bathroom to dictate my in-your-face showering methods to you, now I'm moving onto the laundry room... so get your pen and paper on standby and be ready to take a few notes...

Attention! Role call!

I'll give you a short list today, for added convenience with your note-taking:
  1. When given the chance, use front-load washers. They use 50% less water.
  2. Detergent is important too... try purchasing one that's biodegradable and does not require hot water... an Earth-friendly brand that comes to mind is "Seventh Generation," but there's others out there.
  3. Be mindful and economical with the laundry load versus the water level... and typically the water level difference in the settings isn't that significant, so it's definitely better to wash with a full load considering the power and water use.
  4. If you think your load can get away with a shorter cycle, go with that.
  5. Try to avoid, whenever possible, the use of the extra rinse setting.
I realize chatter about environmentally-friendly laundry methods might seem a bit over the top, but I can guarantee you won't be laughing at energy and oil prices as they continue to sky-rocket, and as water starts becoming a harder commodity.

We need to be prepared for what is going to feel like an unrelenting ambush on our way of life, the many conveniences we take for granted, and the false perception that we have unlimited resources to waste.

...the keyword being SUSTAINABILITY. Think big picture.

All I can say to that is READ UP ON IT, THINK IT, LIVE IT... and spread the word. It's really no skin off your back, and simply involves a little education and awareness. It can only serve your life, and those around you, in a positive way.

At any rate (hopefully lower rates), happy laundering!

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