Monday, April 5, 2010

THE POCKET PISSER: Repent Benedict XVI!!! You and your subhuman swine will be held accountable

Hey, it's the day after Easter! Today's a perfect day to piss in the pocket of a pontiff.  Forgive me if my aim is off this time and I hit an ear or know how it is...some days are on target, and some days I'm just not so accurate.  

Interestingly enough, my days of bad aim tend to involve folks who are in need of a little extra of the yellow let's get on with our pocket pisser of the day.

It's hard to know where do I start with this one.  First off, the ongoing arrogance and audacity of the catholic church never ceases to amaze me...not that such a realization should be of surprise to anyone who sees outside the veil and vortex of catholicism and has an iota of capacity to think for themselves.

Apparently feelings among church officials have been hurt with respect to the timing of YET MORE accounts of sexual abuse of altar boys.

Gosh my dearest pope, cardinals, and priests - I'm so sorry your holy week and Easter parade was rained upon with this news.

The reaction of the catholic church, and its lack of sensitivity to these latest accounts -- part of an ongoing nightmare for many coming out with their stories for the first time -- literally nauseates me.  

Nevertheless, I got one little question here. 

Why isn't more being done to expose these predators who were part of the church?  Why aren't arrests being made?  Seriously, WHY?  For those who did the acts, were accomplices, aided, or abetted, explain to me what makes them immune to arrest?  

Here's an excellent article by Roland Martin of CNN on the matter.

If this involved Protestants, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, or another religion, there would be arrests, right?  So what makes the the catholic church so special, besides its glorious history of hypocrisy, ruling by fear, and persecuting other religions?  Oh, and I guess you can add hundreds, if not thousands of accounts of altar boy molestation and sodomy to that list...and those are only the incidents we know about.  Sadly, common wisdom would point to acts happening for hundreds of years.

Consider me the latest heretic.  I'm sick and tired of seeing these soulless cowards and subhuman swine who pose as false heroes and men of God (give me a break) get away with these acts. 


We're beyond damage control and trying to repair credibility.  I hope the whole goddam f'n church implodes in on itself and goes up in flames.  Rest assured that I'll be doing a victory dance and cooking smores at the weenie roast...with a bottle of the blood of Christ in the other hand...then I'll piss in the pontiff's pocket...that is, if I can find one through the assortment of robes and gold chains. 

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