Friday, February 5, 2010

Copenhagen Summit results: what REALLY happened

This is a fascinating account of the Copenhagen Summit from Thom Yorke's's based on his attendance there last December.  When you get to his blog scroll down a bit to start at the post where he enters the summit.

For those of you who don't know who Thom Yorke is, he's the lead singer /songwriter of the Britain-based rock band Radiohead (the fella on the right in the photo), and an ardent environmental activist.  

I believe, technically speaking, he actually "snuck" into the conference with a press pass he got from a friend (maybe the guy posing in the photo with him?)  I don't know.

Rest assured, he had no good news to sounds like it was an apathetic waste of time and that very little -- if anything -- got accomplished.

Still, kudos to Thom for getting his butt into the thing so he could relay a real and unfiltered report on what REALLY happened to the rest of us!  I'm sure he'll have a place in the Environmental Hall of Fame, but until I put that list together we'll just refer to him as a hero.

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