Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fun with Zoe

I swear, I'm not usually an Entertainment Weekly reader, but for some reason it keeps appearing next to the here I am, plagiarizing the latest from Adam Markovitz.

I couldn't help but get a kick, and a little head scratching, out of this that I saw: the latest catchphrases from The Rachel Zoe Project...and FYI, I don't know anything about the show, I've never watched the show, and don't necessarily plan to anytime soon either.

"I die."
Translation: "I cannot go on living without this gown/bangle/patchwork for poncho."
Catchy? Yes, and so true. Who says fashion isn't a matter of life and death? A-

"You look bananas."
Translation: "Even a monkey could see how hot that is."
Catchy? This goofy gush would've been perfect...if 'Hollaback Girl' Gwen Stefani hadn't claimed it first. F

"Hero dress."
Translation: "This is the one that will save the day."
Catchy? Cute, but everyday use ("That egg salad is totally my hero sandwich?") is tricky. C+

"Witch vibe."
Translation: "I have a good feeling about this."
Catchy? We're definitely getting a witch vibe off this one. Oh look! We're already using it! B+

"You are shutting down."
Translation: "The intensity of your fabulousness is causing my nervous system to fail."
Catchy? Honestly? This one is just plain bananas. We die. A+

I didn't do it! I swear, I'm not into trends!

Now, be off with yourself, I'm off to the mall... to "be seen," baby!

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