Monday, November 19, 2007

Informative response to the 11/17 "Carbon Negative" post

Here's an interesting response I received with respect to my post 2 days ago.

"30% of carbon emissions in the US comes from the burning of fossil fuels for home heating and electricity. The majority of this is attributed to coal-burning power plants. If people lived in smaller houses and moved away from coal and oil for those houses, that would make a huge difference. Driving less, or driving smaller, hybrid vehicles would make a huge dent in the 40% of our carbon emissions that comes from cars. The other 30% is attributed to the use of fossil fuels by business and industry, so the individual really needs to focus on homes and cars.....the rest is small potatoes if we're talking about global warming. To make a significant impact, we should spend our time getting everyone closer to carbon neutral, then we can worry about carbon negative."

I decided to post this because it's from a source who's reliable and knows what he's talking about.

Typically the best way to respond to posts is by inserting them in the comments section that you can click on, and I totally invite you to do that... I'd love to hear from all of the readers who have taken the time and interest in The P-patch.

However, I'll make exceptions occasionally and post comments that are uniquely interesting, engaging, or informative, as I've done here.

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