Friday, November 16, 2007

The Green Bag Company

Here's a company worth checking out, the maker of green grocery bags: Green Bag - Making a Difference. You have probably started to see these pop up in grocery stores.

The vision this outfit embraces is, in a sense, a microcosm of the environmental movement as a whole---in that it's about the continuous effort to modify human behavior and daily routines---a major component of ensuring the success in the battle to save the planet.

This outfit is also part of the growing economic sector of green and earth-friendly products that are becoming available.

We use these reusable green bags whenever we go shopping---and yes, it took a few times of remembering to get them from the car to haul them into the store. Just keep them in the trunk of your car that you usually use when you go shopping. After a couple of times you'll remember to bring them in with you.

Or better yet; if you walk to the store or take the bus, you can feel really cool carrying the bag around with you as you perpetuate the cause! It might even make for a conversation piece with a stranger... who could turn out to be the person you settle down with!

So there you are. The Green Bag Company even manufactures love connections and creates families. Not bad, eh? Just remember to keep the door closed and the noise down a bit.

Like I said previously, it's about just modifying---ever so slightly---your daily routine... and hey, you might actually feel better about doing it, too. S

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