Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Please take a moment of silence today... and get on your knees to pray... pray hard...

Today is the 6th anniversary for honoring our fallen countrymen on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. You might note that it's the first 9/11 falling on a Tuesday since that day 6 years ago.Take a moment of silence today. Meditate. Pray for peace. Pray for some sanity on this planet between people of differing spiritual and religious covenants---and pray for them to start communicating with one another. Communication leads to understanding, which leads to acceptance. That is the road to peace.

I apologize if that comes across as condescending or seemingly too simple, but it really IS that simple. It doesn't seem like it should be brain surgery, but to some it is apparently. I just wish more of us could figure that out, including some of our leaders.

I will do all these things too, and I will also pray for our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. I will pray for Chis Vanderhorn, my high school classmate who gave his life in Iraq on January 1, 2006. I will pray for the welfare of his widowed wife and his two little children.

I don't care if you're Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Native American Church, or worship Zeus and his thunderbolts
from the Greek Church of the many Gods. Please pray in earnest today. Agnostics and atheists, you're part of this process as well---you have your own moral compass to steer by and know what you need to do to wish for these things too.

So all of you, if you could, pray that the human race stops behaving like a warring clan of binobos, wandering to the next neighborhood just to club another over the head. Is that asking too much?

Also, pray for our precious planet and for the recovery of its environmental health. Oh, and pray for a new President... and quickly, please... I'm sick of living this nightmare, so the sooner the better...

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