Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Bozo Bus: Big SpOil's Top Ten in Washington

A quick little update here; the top bozos on the hill in Washington who have received campaign funding from the oil monkeys, along with their respective amounts... and I'm assuming these are the dollars that we know about.
The paddywagon's filled to the tilt with bozos today! See if you can match the name below to the bozo in the picture. Be careful, as looks can be deceiving. Take your time and good luck! Here's the Bozo list:
  1. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Senate (R, TX) - $300,161
  2. Joe Barton, House (R, TX) - $184,300
  3. John Cornyn, Senate (R, TX) - $180,000
  4. Bob Corker, Senate (R, TN) - $173,700
  5. Mary Fallin, House (R, OK) - $162,450
  6. Heather Wison, House (R, NM) - $144,000
  7. Dennis Hastert, House (R, IL) - $134,600
  8. Jon Kyl, Senate (R, AZ) - $133,700
  9. Steve Pearce, House (R, NM) - $121,578
  10. Barbara Cubin, House (R, WY) - $119,150
The source of this information is from the Center for Responsive Politics. Hmmm... All Republicans too... what a shocker.
Stop --- don't thank me --- you're welcome. I was happy to add warm fuzzies to your day.

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