Wednesday, July 4, 2007

John Moss and the battle for freedom of information, 41 years later

Happy 4th of July everyone. Go to RANT FROM BOULDER to see what Colorado Jyms has on his mind this fine Independence Day. As much as we like to complain about this and that, it's sometimes very important to recognize the heroes that positively affect our lives.

I think it's important to call out this story about John Moss; how one modest but stubborn congressman overcame the many entrenched obstacles to win the American people access to information about the activities of their government. A very interesting read.

Needless to say, the efforts of this man have had an enormous impact on our ability to monitor the shady activities the Bush Administration has been carrying out quietly behind the scenes in their environmental shock & awe campaign.

The article is over at the Nieman Watchdog, at this link: For some reason I can't get that to "blue-link up" on me, so if the cut & paste is a hassle or the link doesn't work, here's the Nieman Watchdog home page link: Nieman Watchdog. The link to this site can also be found in the first links section if you scroll down the left margin of this page.

It's a beautiful thing when one person is armed with the ability to make such a positive impact. John Moss, you're a superstud!!! Thank you!!!

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