Monday, July 2, 2007

The Bozo Bus, Rt. #2: Georgy Porgy Puddin' Pie, kissed Scooter Libby and made us cry.

I must have been assuming too much. I really thought I’d be able to hold out a bit longer before I made my way around to King George II in The Bozo Bus. I really thought I could make it until after Independence Day. I was hoping for another Rush Limbaugh faux pas or for Cheney to soil his pants (or someone else’s) in the back of Air Force One. What was I thinking. Silly me.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, this President, I'm sorry King, would screw up a two car funeral motorcade if given the chance. He’s just about done that today.

So this is exciting; not long after having the back seat cleaned from the mess made by Rep. "Dollar Bill" Jefferson, the clowns get the blessing of descending on the White House and getting their hands on the Prez. How ‘bout dat! I wasn’t going to say anything, but after giving us a map to the King’s bedroom, the guards took a step back and let us right through. It seems that everyone wants this Bozo gone, including all the security and secret service. It’s all a free-fer-all now, baby!

Ahh, how the bell tolls of justice for thee. You gotta love the power of the pardon. You’ve also gotta love the power of the “half pardon,” better known as a “commute,” which seems to be much more colorful and entertaining than its full-fledged cousin. Apparently that’s what happened to Lewis “Scooter” Libby today, as he was commuted from a 30 month sentence he was soon to serve for opening his mouth and compromising the security of a fellow public servantand the timing of it was rather convenient I might add—right before the July 4th holiday. My oh my how peculiar. Hmmmm. What a coincidence.

Did he really do this guy a favor though? At least following a prison term the issue wouldn’t be fresh in everyone’s mind. I’m dying to see who’s payroll this guy is on next. Let me look into my crystal ball… it involves the private sector… it involves a business… attached to Big Spoil… I know! Chief Administrator of the Nixon Presidential Library! (oohhhh nnnnooooo Checkerrrrrrs!) …and what’s with the timing of this? His Highness must be thinking: “Okay. The coast is clear. It’s a holiday week. Nobody will notice… that I’ve hit the bottle again… My timing will be impleccable---excuse me, impreccible. Oh whatever. Dick, commute it henceforth hereto the pardon thingy, whateveryoucallit. Make the pie higher! Make the pie higher! (confusing the issue with stats from a pie chart presented to him in 2002) ”

The lengths this Bush will go through to keep his Dick happy never cease to amaze me. Well Georgy Porgy, don’t think you pulled the wool over our eyes, because every clown from all corners of the globe is keepin’ an eye on yer Bozo ass. Give us a break.

As much of a scheming demon dressed in kingly guise as you are, you’re unable to escape The Bozo Bus. ‘Twas to happen eventually. I was at least thinking I wouldn’t need to go to the nation’s CE(Doh!) this soon, but apparently I stand corrected. **honk**honk**

So now, anywho, can we please move onto the next Bozo… S

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