Friday, October 9, 2009

Sweva the Poet: My Forrest Gump moment

I have a most unique and bizarre story to share with all of you about the evening of Thursday, October 8.

It doesn't involve mass transit, the environment, or anything in that involves my being suddenly thrust into the spotlight at Seattle's Richard Hugo House answering questions about a subject I'm least familiar with: poetry.

The questions weren't easy ones either...enough to stump even the most ardent reader and English major...but the pressure didn't end there.

The thing is that it doesn't just involve a spotlight, but a spotlight in front of 60 live in-the-flesh poetry experts and poetry writers...AND a live camera rolling...AND a recording podcast.

I can't think of a more bizarre situation to find myself in...and the kicker? I didn't even know the damn thing was happening in the first place -- I simply stumbled into it.

I'm still figuring out how to spin the story, and it needs some conceptual development.
Check back if you can at the end of the weekend, like the evening of October 11. I should have something up then.

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