Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Slowpoke (and Sweva) revealed

So...I thought this was a good time to unleash this little specimen.

When Jen Sorensen, the creator of Slowpoke, came through the Seattle area last spring on her signing tour for One Nation, Oh My God! a bunch of us went to see her speak about her book at the UW Bookstore, across from campus.

However we must back up for a second...

A couple years back my humanity was glorified to that of a cartoon longer just figuratively, in the embellished stories old friends and college buddies might tell to others about me from time to time, as I know I do the same thing to them occasionally.

No, I do it whenever the chance presents itself.

So it was to be...that the cartoon version of myself would appear in a 'toon titled "Rush Riots '06," a parody on the reaction by Muslim extremists to a Danish cartoon depicting a less than glorified version of Mohammad. The strip is also included in the new Slowpoke book.

In addition, Jen had recently begun her cartoon version of Obama (featuring his big smiley face and all, as you can see).

So, being a big Obama supporter along with a lifetime fan of the band Rush (who I have seen on tour 20 times), and considering the cartoon she drew of me in "Rush riots '06" depicted me as such along with an eggplant version of Geddy Lee's head (Rush's singer and bass player), I thought: "Hey, why not have her sign my book with all three in it?"

It was definitely a big request, however she was kind enough to oblige...and she opened herself up to it since she was signing books by drawing cartoons next to the personal messages she was putting in the front cover.

Plus I figured I didn't ever bother her with such things, so why not ask for the Big Kahuna? I figured it was more than likely I wouldn't ever get to have a personal meeting with Obama, so why not bring it to life in an drawing?

So, per my request to Jen, the cartoon above is what came to be...and I figured since she's on the world's stage this week at the REAL BIG KAHUNA --- the DNC in Denver, blogging for the C-ville Reporter --- that I'd throw this out into cyberspace. S

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Sweva said...

In case you haven't noticed, my right ear was cut off in a tragic blimp accident over the Orange Bowl on New Year's Day...but that was a long time ago...