Monday, May 26, 2008

Solar-powered watercraft

Imagine the countries of the world trading with each other through the use of combined solar and wind-powered shipping tankers. Think of the fuel costs and power that could be saved as a result.

It may not be that far off, as such watercraft are currently in use.

There's one in existence right now, in the harbor of Sydney, Australia. More concepts are being developed as we speak to expand the use of this technology.

It's solar-powered watercraft; alive and well.

Using a combination of solar and wind power, the ferry in Sydney uses 90% less power than it otherwise would if it used a typical combustion boat engine.

I guess this is sorta like the aqua version of the EV-1, the electric car from the mid-90s (which wasn't solar, but it's the closest thing I could think of)...but hopefully this boat doesn't see a death like the EV-1 did...that's a story for another day.

Nevertheless, this isn't bad...a start in the right direction, at the very least.

It's encouraging to see that the solar mindset has started to infiltrate the maritime world.

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