Friday, March 7, 2008

THE LARGER P-PATCH -- Ants in Peril

That's sorta how I view our society sometimes, and that analogy can make itself VERY apparent when driving down the freeway...

Maybe there's a better insect out there for an analogy (I considered bees), but the ant comparison seems to make the most sense to me, and probably to most...

Everyone knows the makeup of an ant community, and ants are pretty much about everywhere. They're communal, they create armies, and they "go to work."

Listing the comparisons:
  1. We are community-oriented like ants.
  2. We all make nests like ants.
  3. Buildings can be interpreted as anthills.
  4. Freeways are like the pathways that ants make... and the country roads are for the stragglers... like those wandering ants that appear to have lost their way, but they're probably really carrying out a purpose.
  5. Red cars are bad and attention-grabbers, sorta like those nasty fire ants. Cops are probably like that too.
  6. Like us, some ants are meaner than others, and get into fights.
  7. Like us, ants bite.
  8. Our inter-racial tension is like different types (or breeds) of ants fighting over territory (sorry, I'm not an ant specialist, but my aunt is... doh!).
  9. Like us, ants can alter their environment to suit their habitat.
  10. Like us, ants form armies.
  11. As we get into perilous situations, so do ants.
  12. "Ant peril" occurs when events such as the diabolical maneuvers of a boy with the sun and a magnifying glass, or anthill destruction from exterminators, kills ants or makes them vulnerable to injury. I guess that would be like meteors hitting the earth or terrorist attacks... and when that happens we scurry around to to and fro, panicking like ants in peril.
  13. Serving the queen is a tough one... maybe for us the queen is the Godess of Oil, the Queen of England, or something like that.
  14. A bird's eye view of us reveals an appearance probably no different from that of the way we look down on an anthill.
  15. I'm sure there's more I haven't thought of.
So there you are... try it on for size next time you're fighting the other scavengers in the nasty commute. I find it's a good way to amuse yourself and occupy otherwise boring and aggravating drive time... you get as far-fetched with it as you want.

Feel free to share any and as many ant analogies on this illustrious human existence as you wish... knock yourself out! ...but ONLY if the mood strikes. Heaven forbid you think TOO hard and use your imagination (what are you, a worker ant drone?!?!)

Oh, and while you're driving along, try to avoid perilous situations, and don't piss off any red ants. S

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